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Northbound Studios, Nottingham
Tel: 0115 943 1982

High Quality Large Diaphragm studio Mic At Northbound Studios the emphasis is on creating quality recordings at a reasonable price. Whether it's something you've written, or a classical piece you've worked hard on, Northbound Studios is the perfect environment to have fun making a great sounding recording!
Nottingham recording studio mixing desk

Northbound Studios for recording:

Songs Record your songs, make an album or demo CD.

Instrumentals Record your compositions.

Classical Record your performance or exam pieces.

Opera Classically trained singers welcome.

Spoken Voice Northbound Studios specialises in spoken voice recordings providing proffesional audio guides to the tourist and information industry, theatre audio and voice overs for video.

To help you make a great recording we can provide, according to your needs:
  • Musicians, including classcially trained piano accompanists
  • Musical arrangements and parts for songs and instrumentals
  • Background music and sound effects for spoken voice recordings
  • Helpful experienced-based recommendations and advice! :)
Other audio services provided:
  • Pitch correction of vocals/instruments
  • Digital audio editing
  • Glitch removal
  • CD Mastering
  • Sound Effects
  • Clean up and copy old recordings
  • Music score generation and printing
  • Transpositions
  • Backing Tracks
  • External Recordings
Northbound History
"My first serious attempt at multi-track recording was back in the 80s, when friend DJ Simon Mayo invited me to make a jingle for his radio show while he was still working for BBC Radio Nottingham. For this I bought a small 4-Track recorder. Gradually, more tracks and gear were added until an entire room was taken over. Unlike today, where sound engineering courses are readily available, it was a time when you had to learn through experimentation! Eventually, I began to take audio commissions for web sites, educational CD-Roms and more recently, high quality voice recordings for museum displays, spoken word CDs and audio guides for tourism. My first TV broadcast came in 1991 when I provided original music for a mime artist who performed on BBC1.

Song writing had been part of my life since my teens. Recording, however, gave me the scope to really make something out of these compositions whilst giving me the opportunity to develop musical arrangement and sound engineering skills. With biblical inspiration for the songs, eleven of them have been played on local radio.

In 1997 I was awarded a contract to compose and record a series of television themes and background music for ITV. My studio needed upgrading digitally to meet the audio standard required for public broadcast. Working with a TV producer I went on to do 19 pieces for them. Drawing on my experience from those early days and recording for television I now also help other singer/songwriters and instrumentalists make their own recordings."

Mike Giddins at Northbound Studios for your recording requirements
Tel: (0115) 943 1982

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